Dry Damaged Hair

dry hair bleach

You have a nice color, great cut and yes, you do style it right, but something is missing!

We kind of know what it is, but after trying many different treatments, shampoos, conditioners and masks (that helped only for a day or two) WE JUST LET IT GO the way it is. Why? Because from what you know and try, there is nothing else to permanently recover your dry damaged hair. Is that true? Absolutely NOT!

It is QUITE EASY. All you have to do is just start building a system based on understanding and knowledge. STOP thinking just about shampoos, conditioners and masks. The beauty market today is loaded with hair products that contain too many chemicals and we buy them because we go by how it smells, soaps and lather.

Remember, these things are NEVER going to bring your hair permanent flexibility, they are just going to give you a little shine for a day or so. But in the long run, they will build up on an outside cuticle and damage it when you blow dry or flat-iron. This will age your hair 3-5 times faster on the top of the other stresses: color (bleach), water and SUN! Always protect from the sun with sun block and extra wide sun-hat.

The GOOD news is that there are some great products that instantly improve the health of your hair. If you have thick, dry and frizzy curls, we recommend a new LISCIO CRYSTAL as a styling live-in conditioner. It contains amino acid oil to keep it shiny and smooth, as well as Sandalwood, bark, and barley extracts for great moisturizing. This product repairs the lifted cuticle layers and blocks humidity. Also, prevents over drying when blow drying and locks in moisture keeping it manageable all day long.

Always, read ingredients before you buy! Preferably, stay with Japanese products (they are top quality in the world today) Use the right amount and rinse shampoos an extra minute or so.

Rinse conditioners only 85-95% if you feel like your cuticle is missing moisture. If it is dry or very dry and frizzy, then conditioners and masks will only play a role of a temporary make up and NEVER fix the problem, giving you a temporary fake inspiration just for a day. Eventually you will get lots of breakage and frizz. To repair dry damaged hair we recommend getting a Linkage Meu or Japanese PERMANENT PROTEIN TREATMENT