Hair Straightening Levels

With more than 18 Years of experience in this beauty science - Level of straightness can be adjusted depending on your hairstyle and hair structure. Curly and frizzy hair we can permanently transform to:

rebonding hair

Everyone has different taste and special preferences on how comfortable each hair section should look and feel. Some people wish to have completely easy and straight hair from roots to the ends and others would love to have additional fullness at the root area and straight ends.

Another option for styles with angled front cut would be having semi-straight ends and optional root fullness, this will give better flipping angle and/or stronger under style curve. Very kinky and frizzy curls almost always need to be completely straight on each section to control short sharp crimps. All this can be discussed and customized.

If you have bangs and want your ends not to be completely straight, this can be also adjusted. Outlines on medium length styles can also benefit from having partial adjustments. In many cases, it all starts with having the right cut, perfect length with healthy cuticle structure.
In case if you will decide to change previously chosen variation or mix it up with another segment, it can be done when you come back for your next touch up.

All relaxers and thermal procedures with different options are 100% permanent and will not quickly fade out like cheap Keratin treatments and other perm systems that last only 4-6 weeks. If you are not sure about where to start and what option for each section to choose, we can always suggest you what will work best.

     We also offer exclusive hair straightening choices for fuller roots and semi-straight ends - visit "Options" page for more details.