Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese hair straightening cost / price

 Q:  How much does Japanese hair straightening cost? /thermal reconditioning/ (it will make your hair 95% - 100% straight) Permanent hair straightening cost and prices?

 A: For shoulder length or longer - price range starts from around $500 - $600 and up, depending on density (number of hairs per square inch), color and amount or highlights. If you have a question about price range - please come in for a consultation! But first complete Email form then call us to make an appointment for consultation. Also, we will take a sample of your hair for lab examination, which will help to modify precise formulas for your cortex type and inside structure! Please bear in mind that we have special discounts up to $100 for students and first time clients.
Japanese hair relaxer: For short hair price range starts from $235 and for shoulder length or longer $250 - $350 and up. Japanese relaxer will make your curls about 40% to 60% straighter more manageable and very easy to style.

About Process

 Q:  What is Japanese hair straightening / thermal reconditioning?

It is World's top of the line innovative Japanese process that makes frizzy, curly or wavy hair naturally straight and healthier. Thermal reconditioning also improves softness and makes your styling effortless and very easy!

     With our exclusive technique it can be done in 4 different ways: "Read More"

hair straightening types

How long will straightening last

 Q:  How long will my hair remain straight after hair straightening?

Straightened hair will stay healthy and straight forever. The new growth will need to be straightened in 6 to 8 months.

Touch Up

 Q:  Do I get this procedure done all over my hair again during new growth touch up?

No, we will work with new growth only - our no overlapping method will always keep it very healthy. Q: When I go back for the touch-up, does it cost less?

Retouch Cost

 Q:  When I go back for the touch-up, does it cost less?

Usually not because about the same amount of time is required for the touch-up but your initial discount as a first time client most likely will be applyed to every retouch.

Customizable Ideas

 Q:  Can I leave the ends semi-straight to style them under or flip them up?

Yes, if you wear a certain style that you would like to keep, it is possible to leave the hair ends or other sections semi-straight (For more details go to levels page).


 Q:  Will I need to blow-dry my hair at home after the hair straightening treatment?

Sometimes yes, but just to get the moisture out. It will take about 5 minutes instead of 25 to 45 minutes.

Color Compatibility

 Q:  If my hair is colored, can I get thermal reconditioning?

Tints and semi-permanent color that only deposit are not a problem at all.

Highlighted and bleach

 Q:  Will I be able to do thermal reconditioning with highlights or bleach?

Yes, but with highlights it will take a longer time. Note, we strongly recommend staying away from thin highlights on a dark base.


 Q:  What is the difference between Japanese hair straightening and keratin treatment/ Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian or keratin treatment relaxer is very temporary budget relaxer which only lasts 5 - 7 weeks and then your will get your waves and frizz reborn. Instead, we offer and recommend either Japanese relaxer, which will keep semi-straight option quite permanently for up to 20 weeks or Japanese straightening which is permanent and the new growth only needs to be straightened in 6 to 8 months.


 Q:  What are other names for Japanese hair straightening?

Permanent Japanese straightening, thermal reconditioning, high-tech straight perm, rebonding, ionic retexturizing, and thermal reconstruction.


 Q:  How soon / when can I wash my hair after permanent hair straightening?

It is 72 hours or 48 for permanent relaxers.


 Q:  Why other types of relaxers can be damaging?

Most relaxers have only one formula for all types of curls and colors. Very sensitive areas are restructured much sooner than others and as a result when all is done, delicate sections can be dramatically overcooked.