Thank God Alex Baraz was able to fix all that mess I got my hair into. Yeah, the two previous local straightening places in NJ were closer to my home and cheaper, but I got what I was paying for - damaged hair and an ugly haircut. Luckily someone recommended Alex who is further away but I made the trip and so glad I did. The difference is unbelievable. The experience does matter! Thank you for a wonderful job you are doing.
Shaheen Gandhi
New Jersey

I was very skeptical about the whole permanent Japanese straightening process but decided to try it one day when I was so overwhelmed by unruly damaged curls. I tried this treatment years ago when it first came out and it didn't work, I have tried many straightening processes over my 50 years dealing with very kinky curls. Nothing ever worked until I had it done just 5 months ago by Alex. It is so manageable, healthy and shiny. I can go out in any weather and the style doesn't change or get frizzy ever. The process is time-consuming but worth it as I don't spend nearly the amount of time on getting my hair to look good as I used to. It might seem costly but you won't have to spend a lot of money on products anymore, you don't need them!
Mary Beth Artuso

I agree. About 10 months ago I had my hair straightened in super cheap NJ Salon - it was attractively cheap and my first straightening was ok. I found out from a talkative assistant there that they DO NOT use Japanese products but they told me that they did. Instead, they use some kind of solution replacement and that is why my second thermal straightening was terrible ... Then I found this Salon to try and fix it and it took them 3 months - now it looks totally great. I learned my lesson and would recommend this Salon as a very high skilled and professional place. I drive over 60 miles each way, I live in Allentown, but it worth it.
Sheila Verma

I had color multiple times as well as permed in the past. It was course, wavy, and an all-around mess (and at this point it was almost waist-length!). I was unsure about spending a rather high amount of money on one procedure ... but let me tell you what, it was worth it! After having the Japanese straightening procedure my hair was silky, smooth, and absolutely frizz-free! In the past it had always been a ridiculous process to get it straight, and even then it would still be frizzy in a matter of minutes. After Alex's magic, it was always straight and never frizzy! I highly recommend him - he is highly skilled, REALLY knows everything about this procedure, and is professional yet friendly all in one go. Just do it!!
Jen Weiler

After several attempts to straighten my frizzy curls using other services in New Jersey, I was somewhat skeptical about the Japanese straightening procedure. Nevertheless, I did my research and found that Alex had an excellent reputation so I made the appointment. It's been 4 months since the procedure and it still looks great! I couldn't be happier - it is straight, soft, shiny and very healthy - all of this with no maintenance! I will definitely go back!!
West Chester

Does anyone know if I can bleach or highlight after relaxer? I can not find any information. Is it safe to color a few days after?

I have been getting my frizzy waves straightened by Alex Baraz for almost two years and am very pleased by the results. He provides you with a relaxing environment with movies, headphones, and is very informative and meticulous during the treatment. He was/is terrific about providing instructions and appropriate shampoo/conditioner after the treatments. I have recommended him to my friends and would recommend him to anyone else who is interested in getting their hair Japanese straightened.
Jennifer Fritz
saint davids

I have been a client of Alex's for at least 5 years now and he is excellent! I have very, very frizzy hair and he makes it look naturally straight. I would highly recommend him to anyone considers the permanent Japanese Straightening treatment.
Lindsay (Frank) Margolis
New York

Alex is an absolute magician. He has been straightening my hair for the past five years. Just get my roots touch up every 8 month. I could not be happier.

Alex Baraz does a wonderful job. I have had my hair straightened many times and it is much more natural and cooperative after he does the straightening compared to what I've had in the past. And he has lots of great movies that he lets his customers watch while getting their hair done. I definitely recommend him!
West Chester

I'm a guy and my hair is only about 2-3" long but very thick. I came in for consultation and they took a hair sample for microscopic analysis (very cool stuff when they formulate and mix creams according to your cuticle thickness and condition), a week later got it relaxed and it feels like a new and styles easy. Still, have to come in to get some more of Japanese styling cream for spikes.
Raj S.
New Jersey
East Orange

I have had the treatment done twice with Alex Baraz and both times it's come out great. My hair is naturally very frizzy and curly. It will stay perfectly straight until it grows out.
Seth N

Alex Baraz did a wonderful job... He fixed my damaged ends and made my entire head of hair straight, shiny and healthy. Will definitely be back!
Jersey City, Hudson

It has been 2 weeks and I still can't believe the difference that the hair straightening has made. I used to spend tons of time trying to deal with my frizz and curls, and now I spend only 10-15 minutes blow drying my friendly straight hair with beautiful highlights. Love it, it is simply heaven!
Christina A.
Cherry Hill

Love this Salon! While I was getting my straightening I got lots of education about products for home use, my hair color shade and got a very sharp stylish cut with softer outline. I have already received many compliments.
Colette V.
Newark, Essex

Alex I love my new straight look, Lori can't stop touching it. My husband says I look sexy. Never thought it would be insensitive to weather and moisture. Will see you for a haircut and color in four weeks. Take Care. A very happy customer.
Smitha M.

Just want to say how wonderful and safe it feels when someone truly experienced is working on your straightening. This is the place to go if you want to be free from damage and breakage. So it will cost you less.
Laura Konnel
Elizabeth, Union

I straighten my hair at this salon by Alex for over 2 years. I would not go to anyone else for this procedure; he is an expert, and I now have the look that I always wanted!
Stefanie V
New Brunswick

Alex has been straightening my hair for 9 years now and he always does a fantastic job! My natural hair is very curly, frizzy and thick and would take me an hour to straighten. Finally, now it only takes 15 minutes to blow dry and always looks perfect. I highly recommend his services!
Jennifer Segal

My hair looks and feels great. Alex did an excellent job. Great, worm and friendly customer service. Highly recommend.
Bala Cynwyd

I moved from Easton to Conshohocken and had my keratin treatment done a few times in Jenkintown and I switched from Keratin treatment to Japanese straightening. Keratin treatment did not last long and I had to go back every 2 month for my touch ups. Now I do thermal reconditioning every 7 month and quite happy with it. Tried a few different salons in Ambler (I travel for work a lot) Bethlehem and Elkins Park for relaxers - but it seems that they are much less experienced - would recommend Alex Baraz
Rose Walshak

I swim every other day - this process works best for my hair. Now I want to grow it very long - it takes no time to dry it. Makes a big difference for me every morning - I live in New Jersey and work New York City
Hana Remers

4 stars. The only thing you would have to keep it dry for two - three days after this treatment without washing, which is hard for me to do I have to wash it every day.
Sandy K

I miss my curls but when I get my curls back I get frizz and split ends. So now I can not wait any longer for my re-touch will go back to straight hair, it will look healthy again.
Lora M

I love this process! It makes my life so much easier. I wash with shampoo only at night towel dry it and this is it - in about 45 min I touch it up with blow dryer for a few minutes. Now it is nearly care free.
Thei Chem

I'm not into writing reviews but this process is so amazing - it changed my life completely. I have heavy wavy curls and now it looks and feels soft. I do not mind to travel to Philadelphia area - it is only twice a year. My friend made a mistake twice, hunting for cheaper salons in NJ and end up paying triple price to fix just a part of it.
Rachel Star
New Castle