Hair Straightening Options

Do you know that hair straightening is not just going from curly to straight? Unlike others, we offer three permanent straightening choices for you to choose from. Take a look at 3D diagram below with three different straightening options:

hair straightening options 4
  • 1. Mild Relaxer - makes very curly, heavy hair less bulky and 10% - 30% straighter

  • 2. Japanese Hair Relaxer - your curls will be more manageable and 40% - 60% straighter with semi-smooth cuticle

  • 3. Japanese Hair Straightening - very manageable 95% - 100% straight hair with smooth cuticle double polishing system and frizz free care free

  • Note - unlike other keratin treatments or semi permanent relaxers our thermal reconditioning methods are permanent and safe - all you need to do is touch up your new growth in 6-10 months.

  • The very first choice will work best for people with extremely kinky cuticle types but without excessive frizz. For those who wants to partially reduce heavy bulk at very low cost.

  • Choose options 2 or 3 to decrease your cuticle bumps and have a more smooth silky hair.

  • Notice minor decrease of cuticle edge bumps in option 2 with single cuticle polishing method and significant major decrease of small cuticle bumps in option 3 with double cuticle polishing method. Please bear in mind that Option 1 excludes this polishing method.

   We also offer partial hair straightening options on a different parts and sections - visit straightening levels page for more details.