Japanese Hair Straightening Process/Procedure


    Analyzing Details

  • Japanese hair straightening procedure starts from analyzing your hair type and condition using a digital high defenition microscope with up to 1600X magnification and DLP-50XT beam tool with internal cuticle motion technique on each dissimilar section.
  • Washing hair with "Liscio Atenje" shampoo or adding double leyer "Extended protector keratin treatment restore" for hair types with dry strong curls. This will add additional defense, softness and shine. For highlighted, bleached and lighter base colors we use a mild cleanser to increase cuticle control.
  • If you had fake "Dastur" Japanese straightening before, we use 2-3 step deep protein treatment to restore some cortex keratin.
  • Solution application

  • Applying previously formulated solutions to reshape the wave controlling "Cystine Bond". For parts with more than one color we formulate several different solutions and creams, sorting out 200-300 small lighter sections from highlights to create a ONE SAFE unique base.
  • Strand Test

  • Testing different sections in one LP block every 5-10 min to see when the bonds in hair cells are properly reshaped, and adding a balancing cream for each section type if subsections need a slower processing.
  • When processing is done we rinse it all with medium-to-high water pressure and applying "Atenje or ER" conditioner for about a minute or so.
  • Polishing Magic

  • The most precise part in Japanese hair straightening procedure is separating hair into extremely small sections and blow-drying each one to an 10-15% moisture level. Then ironing extremely miniature sections with a special Ceramic Japanese thermal Iron, varying timing and temperature according to texture or as we go up to higher, softer blocks. When it is all done, we go over some blocks to double polish very resistent parts.
  • Neutralizer

  • Sectioning and applying a neutralizer from roots to ends with a mild twisting motion to seal the "Straight Bond". Neutralizer stays in 5-7 min depending on a cuticle micro resistance.
  • Rinsing neutralizer and applying Japanese Meu Linkage or Repair treatment for 10-15 min and "Crede" ER/Atenje conditioners.
  • Then, conditioners and treatments are rinsed out about 95-97% and hair is either towel-dried normally or styled with blow-dryer.

Since this process can take anywhere from 3 - 4 hours you will be able to grab the best seat in the house and watch the latest movies!

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